About Us

IDEX Solutions was established in 2009. We have a team of 10 plus software professionals. The team is highly experienced and self-dedicated. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide them customized solutions that smoothens their complex and time consuming operations.

Hiring a company like IDEX Solutions lets you focus on the big picture of running and expanding your core business. We take care about your time consuming and complex issues. We undertake gradual improvements with the growth of your organization. Our expertise, resources, and deep commitment to craft your requirements, makes us the ideal choice to meet your needs.

IDEX Solutions learns the processes as per your requirements and develops the software to meet your goals. Our team is experienced and self-dedicated. Our continuous availability makes it easy to adapt and serve you with changes in your business goals. We deliver advice that keeps pace with your expanding organization without having to work through red tape. We devote more time and attention to understand the minute workings of your organization and its connected future vision.

Developing softwares for wide range of clients from Small Shopkeepers to Private / Public / Government Sector, we have gained experience in the last 12 years, and use best practices and standards to develop highly maintainable software solutions.

IDEX Solutions offers a wide range of services from Software Solutions, Website Designing, Linux Server Management.

We develop Online and Offline software using languages like C++, PHP, Golang. All online software are deployed on Cloud.

Along with software, we also develop and deploy Mobile Applications on Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS.

We also commission, deploy and maintain Bare Metal Linux Servers, Firewalls, High Density Virtualization Servers.